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  • Chris for starting it all

  • Comanglia for continuing what Chris started and helping a bit with my config

  • Rhapsody for updating Chris’ config

  • JarateKing for all their amazing work on TF2 modding and configuration

  • povohat for making the null-cancelling movement script

  • SteamDB for their excellent tools, including Game Tracking for TF2

  • SourceMod for their extensive and easy to use modification system for Source

  • step for sm_cvarlist

  • AveYo for GetLaunchOptions.bat

  • Tiagoquix for continued support and bug fixes to the config

  • jane for the shrinkKeyValues bash script

  • Fraklin for screenshots of the config

  • The community for their continued support, advice and benchmarks. (Special Mentions to: amazoc, JackStanley, Setsul, Hopps, fagoatse, ZeRo5, stabby, Whisker, Vantavimeow, osvaldo, DarkNecrid, steph, Thole, gemm, sage, Malkraz, maximsmol, UnnoTed, Mothership, Mike, Skorp, Smoutebollen, Goatz, DapperTrapper, Tene, mambo, Sakii, Leo40, micwoj92, ghost-420, m00n01, scrambl-d, xNanochip, torkel104, soluss, NekoAlosama, Naxeron, fiend and perhaps many others)

  • The Valve Developer Community for their documentation of Source Engine console variables and mechanics

  • and to Valve, for making and updating (for over a decade!) the best class-based FPS to date with so much customization on top

Last update: October 9, 2020